Amran Ellahi

Author of the Muslim Songs book

Amran Ellahi is the Founder & Director of Aashiq Al-Rasul, world renowned Nasheed group, since 1998. He is a qualified teacher of Music and a Lead Practitioner working for a prominent UK Academy Trust.  Amran has a wealth of teaching experience ranging from Primary to Secondary and is experienced in planning and delivering creative Music workshops tailored to the demands of individual schools around the country.  

Amran is also qualified in the study of Hifz of the Quran and has successfully established an active Madrassa class, which has been running for 20 years. The Madrassa focusses on encompassing a holistic approach to developing a relationship with the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. He is an established leader of the community, leading and facilitating numerous projects based from the HeArt Centre, focussing on community and faith cohesion.

Muslim Songs Vision

Our vision is to inspire and uplift the human spirit through the exploration and creation of music. Music is a powerful medium that we can utilise to understand one another better and reflect on the inner development of the self to love and nurture the world around us - to live in harmony, beating rhythmically as one symphony.

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