Cover for Beloved by Aashiqalrasul


This song is performed in slow-time and crescendos with the chorus building up using polyphony, chants and melismatic phrases.  There is a lot of potential to develop this simple structure to create high energy and excitement concluding on a climax with the last refrain ‘Ameen’.

Muslims are obligated to offer prayers for peace and blessings upon Prophet Muhammad . This song is exactly that, presenting itself in the form of a supplication seeking God’s blessings on Prophet Muhammad , his household, companions, the righteous predecessors, our parents and the entire community.  


“…O you who believe, do prayers to (durood) Allah to bless him, and send your salaam (prayer for his being in peace) to him in abundance”. Qur’an chapter 33 verse 56.

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Mood: Supplicative 

Influence / Genre: Durood and Salaam 

Language: English | Arabic introduction


الَّلهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَي سَيِّدِنَا مُحَمَّدْ  Allahumma Salli Alaa Sayyidina Muhammad.   يَا رَبْ  Ya Rabb 

O Allah bless our beloved Muhammad.  [Chorus]

O Allah grant him with more blessings.  [Verse 1]

O Allah shower upon him your mercy.  [Verse 2]

O Allah grant him with more favours.  [Verse 3]

O Allah blessings upon his descendants.  [Verse 4]

O Allah bless his noble companions.  [Verse 5]

O Allah blessings upon his nation.  [Verse 6]

O Allah bless our parents.  [verse 7]

O Allah bless the saints and scholars.  [Verse 8]

O Allah grant us the strength of faith.  [Verse 9]

O Allah keep us sincere and certain.  [Verse 10]

O Allah save us from misfortune.  [Verse 11]

O Allah save us from all affliction.  [Verse 12]

O Allah grant us more love for You.  [Verse 13]

O Allah grant us respect for Muhammad.  [Verse 14]

O Allah grant us more love for your beloved.  [Verse 15]

Ameen امين