Cover of Intercession by Aashiqalrasul


Intercession, Shafa'ah, in Islam is the act of pleading to God by an intimate friend of God for His mercy rather than His justice.  After each call to prayer, Muslims supplicate “.....O Allah, Lord of this perfect call and established prayer, grant Muhammad the intercession …..”.  There is consensus that Muhammad would be granted permission on the day of resurrection to intercede with God to plead for all.

This nasheed is an imaginative cry for help in a very sombre and austere commentary on the state of the dunya, the world.  The cry for help is addressed to Allah’s most Beloved Prophet Muhammad , to request Allah  for His mercy and blessings.  

Ya Rasulullah means Messenger of God, Muhammad ﷺ

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Mood: Poignant | Sad | Tense 

Influence / Genre: Nasheed | Contemporary 

Language: English 



Ya RasulAllah we love you.  

Ya RasulAllah we miss you. 

Ya RasulAllah your nation cries. 



Everyone is suffering,  people crying.  

Children dying,  Satan trying.  Ya RasulAllah hear our plea. 

Final days are drawing closer.  

Worldly distractions ever greater. Ya RasulAllah hear our plea

Our faith becoming so much weaker.  

Future seeming so much bleaker.  Ya RasulAllah hear our plea. 



O Prophet of God, ask the Almighty.  

For His mercy, His blessings and unity. 



Man-made war, natural disaster.  

People forget the hereafter.  Ya RasulAllah hear our plea. 

Mankind chasing life’s mirages. 

Building ever greater arches.  O foolish people don’t you see?. 

When you leave it empty handed. 

And every grouping is disbanded.  Alone you’re going to meet your destiny.  



Ya RasulAllah we love you.  

Ya RasuAllah we miss you. 

Ya RasulAllah your nation cries. 

Let’s stop the suffering!